Introducing our new CrashPods at The Elms


We are delighted to announce the addition of new CrashPod emergency sleeping facilities at The Elms hostel, working in partnership and funded by Dacorum Borough Council.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our hostel accommodation capacity has been drastically reduced in order to comply with social distancing measures. This is particularly the case for our Crash Pad facility – which offers emergency overnight shelter when we cannot accommodate people immediately at The Elms.

The new CrashPods, located in the front car park of the hostel, provide self-contained accommodation for a further two people, to help ensure those who would otherwise be facing a dangerous night out in the freezing cold will instead have a warm bed and hot meal for the night.

Further amenities inside the pods include a bathroom with a shower, heating, electricity, a kettle and a television.

Intended only as a temporary solution, we will then work with service users to help them find longer-term accommodation, teach basic life and employment skills, and address the root causes of their homelessness.

Watch the video above for a closer look at our CrashPods, with Sean Fitzgerald, Head of Accommodation Services for DENS.

If you are facing homelessness, or know someone who is, please call us on 01442 275900 or email us onΒ Click here to find out more about the accommodation services we provide.

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