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DENS provides a varied range of opportunities for you to get involved. These include quiz nights, ceilidhs, sponsored walks or even joining in the London Marathon. Whatever they are, you can enjoy yourself as well as raise money.
Churches & Communities
DENS started because of the action of local churches in Hemel Hempstead to provide temporary shelter in the winter for rough sleepers. We are at the heart of the local community and rely heavily on all forms of its support.
Schools & Youth
Young people are required to study Citizenship as part of the National Curriculum. Working with DENS, schools and youth groups gain an insight into our operations and fundraising makes a real difference to sustaining our work.
Support from local businesses is vital to DENS. Corporate Social Responsibility allows businesses to show their commitment to the community, and receive direct benefits for themselves.
Jobs & Volunteering
Working for DENS can be very rewarding, whether it is as a paid member of staff or as a volunteer. We have nearly 200 people working for DENS, of whom 170 are volunteers.
Leave a Legacy
It’s a common myth that only the rich and famous leave money to charity. The reality is that without the gifts left by people like you, many charities we know today wouldn’t exist. Leaving a gift to DENS is an amazing thing we can all do.
Food Donations

The DENS Foodbank provides food for use by The Elms and our Day Centre, and emergency food parcels to people in the community without the resources to buy any. The Foodbank depends on donations from the community to keep up with demand.

Here are a few simple ideas to get you thinking about ideas to help us fundraise. Every pound counts and we are grateful to our supporters for any amount you can raise, no matter what the size of the event. Please let us know what you are up to, we can help you to publicise your events on Twitter, Facebook, DENS website and via email. Please take photos which we can use to gain media coverage after the event. Contact the Fundraising Team for more information - phone 01442 800268 or email fundraising@dens.org.uk

  • Introduce DENS to your local workplace or sports club.
  • Enjoy a curry night at a local restaurant and charge a ticket price including a profit element
  • Organise a tour of a local brewery or hosting a wine tasting
  • Organise a music event or a black tie dinner or ball, people love a chance to dress up for a special occasion
  • Arrange an auction of promises in your local area. Ask local businesses and individuals to donate the prizes eg to offer their holiday cottage for a week, offer a hair-cut, car-service etc
  • Invite friends to a coffee morning – a great chance to get together and to eat cake!
  • Fix a cake sale at work or school (more cake!)
  • Host a dinner party or a BBQ and ‘charge’ your friends to attend
  • Set up a pamper night for friends and family
  • Hire a karaoke machine and blast out some old favourites
  • Dress in yellow for the day at work or school and collect a £1 from all participants
  • Donate your earnings from your first hour at work in a particular month


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A year and a half ago I was the Sales Manager of a large company, living with my partner and son in a very nice house, enjoying a happy home life. I lost my job due to cuts - I wasn't bothered, I'd never been unemployed and thought I'd just get another job.

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