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DENS Day Centre

A first point of contact for many vulnerable people, the DENS Day Centre has been providing support to the community for over a decade.

Our staff and team of friendly volunteers fully assess our visitors to evaluate how we can best help and improve their situation. They are trained to tackle a spectrum of issues. This is a hugely positive step where DENS can inform them on the range of services that we offer, including:

Food and Drink – providing an open, hot-meal drop-in service. It also acts as an outlet for Dacorum’s Foodbank

Cleaning Facilities – Visitors have access to showers as well as laundry facilities.

Clothing – Clothes, toiletries and sleeping bags are given to those who have no accommodation or unable to access The Elms.

Computer Access – Allows visitors to access the internet, search for jobs and look for accommodation.

Help & Advice – Covering eviction, job loss, benefit claims, filling out forms and solving personal issues – we're here to listen and offer support. 

The Elms Referral – for those seeking temporary accommodation, the Day Centre is a key point of referral as well as for long term living solutions.

Accessing the Day Centre

The DENS Day Centre is located on the outskirts of Gadebridge Park at the following address: 1 Queensway, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1HT. VIew on Google Maps.

The Day Centre is open Monday-Thursday from 11:30am-2pm, and offers pre-booked appointments on Fridays from 9am-4:30pm.

For more information, contact the Day Centre on 01442 275900.

Photo credit: Francesca Kirkland

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