Bernie’s Story

Bernie is a 63-year-old man who prior to lock down was attending both the Bike Project and Open Space four times a week. Whilst at the projects, Bernie would have lunch and may often pick up a food parcel from the Foodbank.

Bernie lives on his own in the community and has mental health issues.  He started attending the projects because he was feeling socially isolated.  Since attending sessions, staff reported significant improvements in Bernie’s confidence and self-care however when lockdown commenced, they started to become concerned about him. To ensure he didn’t feel isolated, Bernie was provided with a second-hand Smart Phone so that staff could communicate with him via videophone. Weekly FaceTime sessions took place and also Food parcels were delivered to directly to Bernie’s door.

As soon as the projects reopened, Bernie was the first person back, showing that with consistent engagement and regular support over lock-down Bernie was happy, and felt able to come back to the sessions immediately.

Bernie says:

“Karen [my project worker] is great – she does everything! She kept in contact with me in lockdown; letting me know what’s going on and checking in on me. Karen let me know as soon as I could come back to Open Space.  Simon [Social Enterprise Coordinator], also called me and made sure I had enough food and that I was getting my food parcels delivered. Lockdown was lonely, but they kept a check on me and now I’m back at Open Space and the Bike Project and it’s good to be back”.

Please note: Bernie’s name and image have been changed to protect his anonymity

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