Debbie & Bluebell’s Story


DENS are very proud that The Elms, our pet-friendly hostel based in Hemel Hempstead, is the very first hostel in the UK to be accredited as a Dog Friendly Hostel.

Residents Debbie and sharpei Bluebell (pictured) have benefitted hugely from The Elms’ accreditation. Debbie explains:

“Without Bluebell I don’t know where I’d be. Having her by my side and having that bit of companionship means the world. I adopted her from a family who didn’t treat her great. She was two and a half years old and hardly had any fur. It was awful, she was yelping and sore and scratching so badly and I couldn’t do anything about it. Since being in the hostel, Streetvet have helped her with loads with antibiotics, shampoo and advice and it’s so nice to see her with full fur and not scratching anymore – her quality of life is 100 times better.”

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