Ian’s Story

Ian was going through a stressful period in his life and things began to quickly spiral out of control and before he knew it, he’d lost his job and very soon after, his flat.

Sleeping on the streets, Ian struggled with his mental health. The only thing that made things easier was his four-legged companion –cockapoo, Bez however it broke his heart to see Bez on the street. He knew it wasn’t safe for her, and thought he was days away from giving her up when he heard about The Elms, DENS dog-friendly hostel.

Ian says:

“DENS let Bez in which is a big thing when you’re at your lowest, it’s your only companion. They gave me the safety net when I didn’t feel like I was in a fit mental state to support myself. They gave me counselling and allowed me time to find a emotional stability and to start rebuilding my life which I am doing at the moment.” 

Before long, Ian was in his own accommodation complete with a lovely garden for Bez!

The Elms are proud to be one of only 10% of dog-friendly hostels in the UK. We know that for someone living on the streets, dogs can provide the companionship and emotional support they so desperately need.

Watch the BBC Inside Out video below that features Ian and Bez and click here to read more about our dog-friendly hostel.

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