Scott’s story

Scott arrived back in the UK in 2020 following ten years living in America. Returning to his hometown, Hemel Hempstead, he soon realised there was nowhere to go. He was homeless. It was at this point, Scott turned to DENS.

Scott moved into The Elms hostel, where a Key Worker helped him settle back in and supported him with various health issues.

After six months at the hostel, which was longer than expected due to the pandemic, Scott was ready to take the next step and transfer to one of our Move On properties.

First, he moved into a house with three sets of stairs, but found this difficult due to a leg injury, so his Key Worker moved Scott to his current house with only one set of stairs. This property is particularly special, as it’s the first to be purchased and owned by DENS.

Progressing through the Move On service and living in a shared house has made a significant difference to Scott’s life.

He said: “I’ve been here for 14 months and love it. I have my own front door key and I feel so independent. I also get on really well with my housemates.”

After telling his Key Worker that he had been struggling with his eyesight for a long time, she helped Scott book an appointment at the opticians, and he is now wearing glasses. Unfortunately, he also had a family bereavement recently, and his Key Worker regularly checks in on him to ensure he is getting on well.

Scott added: “My Key Worker is brilliant. I feel supported in every way. I don’t know where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for DENS.”

We will continue to support Scott throughout his journey, as he focuses on progressing to living in his own property through the Resettlement service, as well as getting back into work.

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