It’s winter, it’s freezing cold outside!
Nobody chooses to sleep outside in life-threatening conditions.

The ways that you can become homeless are many, and so often the reasons are beyond your control. Job loss, family breakdown, violence at home, mental health issues, a lack of a support network. The list goes on. But more often than not, deep in the heart of the matter, is some kind of trauma.

By choosing to support DENS this winter, you will be helping people facing homelessness, poverty and social exclusion in your local community.

The forecast is freezing temperatures throughout this month and beyond. Your donation, no matter what the size, could give someone a warm bed, a hot meal and a safe space to sleep this winter.

Jodie’s story

Jodie’s early life appeared pretty normal. A loving family, school, ice cream and playing in the park. But at age 10, a close family member started abusing her and changed everything.

When Jodie escaped home at 16, she initially coped well, finding a job and a shared flat. However, the trauma of abuse affected her mental health, causing work issues, social withdrawal and alcohol use.

She ultimately lost her job and home, seeking refuge on friends’ sofas. Cold and lonely nights were spent searching for a safe place to sleep until she found the DENS Day Centre, and that’s when her journey to recovery began.

Her first visit secured emergency accommodation, a vital step. With many discussions and therapy a trust developed between Jodie and her Key Worker which has led to Jodie living independently with a positive outlook.

Jodie remains part of the DENS family, receiving support whenever she needs it.

This winter with your support we can bring someone like Jodie in from the cold and help them rebuild their life.

As the weather plummets this winter, our primary focus here at DENS is to provide warm and safe accommodation to those facing homelessness, poverty and social exclusion.

Our goal is to be a constant source of support, providing not only immediate relief, such as shelter and warm meals, but also the long-term support and guidance needed to help people take positive steps in their lives.

We offer housing solutions that act as a bridge to independent living. Through our advice and training programmes, we help individuals develop their skills, build confidence and regain their footing on the path to a better future.

Please choose to make a gift of £20 or more to give someone facing homelessness a warm bed, a hot meal and a chance to feel safe this winter. 

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