Sam’s story

Sam’s history with drug misuse started when he was at university over 10 years ago, and quickly spiraled out of control in the years that followed.

Despite successfully finding accommodation and employment in the past, Sam would often find himself turning to drugs as a coping mechanism when encountering difficult life situations and struggling with his mental health. This in turn led to a number of financial troubles, including banking and rental arrears.

Due to his problematic dependence of drugs, Sam had also lost his home and experienced a complete relationship breakdown with his family – most notably his parents.

After resorting to sofa surfing at his friends’ houses, they intervened and introduced Sam to DENS in the hope that he could address the mounting issues in his life and take some positive steps forward. Sam reached out to the Day Centre, and was soon after provided temporary accommodation at The Elms hostel.

Working alongside his dedicated Key Worker, Sam was able to work out a repayment schedule for his debts with charity partners, StepChange. As he had no form of ID, Sam was assisted with sourcing his birth certificate – which will help him complete housing applications in the future.

Sam was also signposted to support for his drug misuse and is now in a program that offers a path to recovery.

During his stay at The Elms, Sam’s Key Worker has noticed a vast improvement in the way he honestly communicates about his emotions and life experiences. Having struggled with mental health issues as a result of his drug use, Sam is now actively seeking support from health professionals.

Sam has also been able to reconnect and visit his family, which is something very important to him.

DENS will continue to work with Sam and offer support towards independent living – including a transition to a sustained tenancy and finding new employment.

Please note: Sam’s name and image have been changed to protect his anonymity

Story published on 7th July 2021. 

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