About DENS

Our Mission

Most people know DENS as the homeless charity for people in Dacorum. In fact, DENS do so much more than just provide a roof and a bed.

Our aim is to be the first port of call for people in Dacorum who are facing homelessness, poverty and social exclusion; to support and empower them to take the next positive step in their lives, secure and maintain a long-term housing option and be an active member of their community.

We ensure individuals have access to temporary and short-term accommodation, and individuals and families have access to emergency food and provisions.

DENS has been helping to rebuild lives since 2003. Read more on the History page.

Our services

We provide a range of integrated services, which together form a pathway to support people towards an independent future.

Day Centre – A community-based setting, providing expert advice, where anyone is welcome to drop in, have a shower, a hot meal, some clean clothes, as well as some friendly company.

Outreach – Working with local rough sleepers to build trust and offer access to any services needed – with a focus on bringing people into safe and stable accommodation.

The Elms – A 44-bed hostel providing emergency and short-term accommodation to single, homeless adults.

Crash Pad – Emergency overnight accommodation offered to people when we are unable to accommodate them immediately at The Elms.

Move On – Providing support for The Elms residents into more independent living in shared accommodation.

Resettlement – Supporting clients moving from The Elms or Move On into council, social housing or private rental.

Foodbank – Providing emergency food parcels and household provisions to local individuals and families.

In the Community – Supporting people in the community during this cost of living crisis and helping reduce the need to visit our Foodbank.

Social Enterprises – Developing employability skills and self-confidence in a supportive environment, while also raising income.




In the past year:


  • Foodbank 8598 people received food from our Foodbank (3460 were children)
  • Hostel 142 people received temporary accommodation at our hostel
  • 75 people made a positive move on towards independent living
  • Day Centre & Open Space 3084 visits to receive support at our Day Centre

DENS can do none of the above without the incredible support we receive from individuals, businesses, schools and community and faith groups. The more help we get, the bigger difference we can make to local vulnerable people who need us most.


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