Outreach & Accommodation


Our dedicated Outreach team work intensively with those identified as rough sleepers throughout the borough of Dacorum. They provide friendly, tailored support to build trust and offer access to any services needed – with a focus on bringing people off the streets and into safe and stable accommodation.

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough, please call us on 01442 800131 or create an alert on the Streetlink website.

More than just a roof and a bed - an opportunity to rebuild lives

We provide temporary accommodation for single homeless adults at our purpose built 44-bed hostel, The Elms. In addition, our Move On and Resettlement services offer support in rented accommodation for people who are ready to take the next step on from The Elms.

As well as providing accommodation, these services aim to keep people off the streets and equip them with the confidence and the skills they need to get back into independent living, regain employability and take the next positive step in their lives.

Last year:

  • 163 people received temporary accommodation at our hostel
  • 81 people made a positive move on towards independent living

The Elms hostel

Our 44-bed hostel, run in partnership with Dacorum Borough Council, provides emergency and short-term accommodation for single homeless adults. Each resident is allocated a Key Worker who supports them with their specific issues, such as mental health and relationship breakdown. They are also taught basic life and employment skills, which gives them the stepping stones to help rebuild their lives.


We know that for someone living on the streets, dogs can provide the companionship and emotional support they so desperately need.

DENS are very proud that The Elms, our pet-friendly hostel based in Hemel Hempstead, is the very first in the UK to be accredited as a Dog Friendly Hostel. Read more here.


Emergency Overnight Accommodation

When we aren’t able to accommodate people immediately at The Elms, our emergency overnight Crash Pad accommodation is at hand to ensure they have a place to stay.

In the cold winter months, when temperatures reach 1 degree or below, our doors are open to everyone, regardless of their connection to the area. The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) helps ensure those who would otherwise be facing a dangerous night out in the freezing cold will instead have a hot meal and a warm bed for the night.

Move On service

For our residents who are ready to take the next step on from The Elms, but still require support, our Move On Service is there to help with this transition.

Residents are offered a place in shared accommodation, where one of our Key Workers will support them weekly, then fortnightly, for up to 18 months. This gives them the opportunity to develop skills and confidence to live independently, cook their own food and find employment.

Resettlement service

This service supports residents, who are moving from The Elms into council, social housing or private rented accommodation, for up to 12 months.

This helps to break the cycle of homelessness, by supporting each person with guidance on how to live independently, manage and maintain a tenancy, and continuing to address and resolve issues that led to their homelessness in the past.

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