DENS Therapy Centre

In response to a rapidly growing demand for therapy from our clients, we are excited to be developing an industry leading, in-house mental health service at DENS.

The Therapy Centre is led by our full-time Clinical Psychotherapist, who is supported by a team of Trainee Counsellors undertaking a placement as part of their final year of studies.

This expansion to the service means that more clients than ever before can now access one-to-one or group therapy sessions for up to one year. By offering long-term support, clients can build greater levels of trust and rapport with their counsellors, helping them to navigate past issues and embark on the next positive steps in their lives.

The importance of therapy

Many of our clients have experienced trauma at some point during their lives. This could be due to adverse childhood experiences, or even as a result of homelessness.

Once a client feels ready to engage in therapy, we offer a safe and confidential space where they can gain a better understanding of their past experiences, explore their emotional responses to different situations and learn how to use these insights to make meaningful progress.

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