Foodbank users

Our Foodbank remains open and we continue to provide emergency food. Social distancing measures have been introduced to keep the public, staff, volunteers and those donating safe.

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented rise in visits to our Foodbank and we expect this increase to continue, with young children still unable to attend breakfast clubs or free school meals until schools are back.

There is an increasing urgency amongst families needing support with nappies, toiletries, baby food, pet food and fresh food such as milk and bread

With the support of the local community, since the lockdown was announced, our Foodbank has provided emergency food relief to 1552 vulnerable local people, including 630 children.

Furthermore, we have observed the following trends amongst people accessing the Foodbank throughout this period:

Increasing numbers of people who can be described as ‘vulnerable’
Access to services is restricted for many by their physical or mental health. Many people without access to electronic media struggle to be kept up to date with information. In addition, many people with pre-existing mental health conditions, or previously suffering from loneliness and isolation, are struggling even more.

Some people who have never needed the Foodbank before suddenly need support
With a sudden interruption of income, some people have no reserves to fall back on. Food costs have increased for many. Prices have increased in shops and also people are having to shop at corner shops rather than travel to cheaper outlets. Many are facing an increase in utility bills. With everyone confined to home, gas and electric bills have increased. All these factors can make it difficult

Support networks that many people rely on have been removed
People have been unable to see friends, family and neighbours face to face, and many services such as libraries, cafes, social clubs and job clubs are closed. Many of the Agencies people rely on for support are now closed, particularly organisations which provide support for drug & alcohol issues, which are very difficult to manage in isolation.

We need your help

Through the Foodbank, we are ensuring that these local individuals and family are supported with the basic items that they need.

We couldn’t do this without financial support from the public. If you’re able to, please Donate Today. Thank you.

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