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DENS Social Enterprises

We are constantly developing our services including developing Social Enterprises. These activities not only generate income to support our work but also develop employability skills and self-confidence in a supportive environment.

Up-Cycle - The DENS Bike Project

The workshop provides a relaxed atmosphere for people to build confidence and learn a new skill. The bike is then offered to the client giving them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise, independence and most importantly, providing transportation to look for employment so they can get back to work and function in everyday society.

Elms Coffee Cart

The Coffee Cart provides valuable barrista experience for DENS service users, which is a great step towards moving back into employment. Staffed by Elms residents, and generating its own income to support its development and growth, the Coffee Cart is a popular fixture at DENS fundraising events, providing fantastic barrista-made coffee. As the project develops, The Coffee Cart will have more of a prescense at external events and festivals, follow us on Instagram for all the latest news.

Maintenance Project
The Maintenance Project equips DENS service users with tools and training to build the skills and confidence they need to move into a skilled trade. By repaiting DENS Move On properties, the project creates significant savings in maintenance costs, freeing up valuable funds for DENS services.  
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