Greg’s story

Greg had no option but to leave his family’s home after the relationship with his partner, and mother to his children, broke down. Despite having a connection with his wider family, Greg’s relationship with them was not always positive, leaving him without a viable option for accommodation.

With nowhere left to go, he turned to The Elms hostel, seeking stability and support during a tumultuous period of his life.

Greg, a vibrant and free-spirited individual in his early 30s, occasionally struggled with mental health issues, but his innate ability to lift himself from low moods has always been a source of hope.

After spending several months at the hostel, Greg moved into his own flat. With the support of the Resettlement service, including a dedicated Key Worker, this transition marked a pivotal moment in his life, allowing him to rediscover a sense of independence.

Unfortunately, Greg faced financial setbacks relating to rent arrears and claiming Universal Credit. His Key Worker played a crucial role in devising a repayment plan and explaining the importance of independently managing his finances. This support helped establish a positive relationship with Greg’s landlord, ensuring a sense of security in his new home.

With the guidance of DENS’ Employment Coach, Greg enrolled onto a college writing course, driven by his long-standing aspiration to write a novel one day. He also began volunteering at a local charity and attending the Bike Project, where through the latter he participated in accredited bicycle mechanic training. These experiences, accessed with the support of the Employment Coach, have helped Greg feel more ready to take on a job in the future.

Greg’s biggest hope is to re-establish contact with his children. His Key Worker is actively supporting him to achieve this, recognising the emotional significance these relationships hold for him.
Reflecting on his journey with DENS so far, Greg’s Key Worker has noticed a remarkable shift in his attitude and overall positivity. They said: “Greg has shown a great deal of resilience and determination to overcome the obstacles he has faced. It has been so inspiring to see how much he has grown as a person on his pathway towards a brighter future.”

DENS will continue to support Greg until he is ready to live fully independently. In the meantime, through collaborating with his Key Worker and dedicated individuals, Greg is not only rebuilding his life, but working towards a future filled with creative pursuits, educational achievements and reconnection with his loved ones.

Please note: Greg’s name, image and details of his story have been changed to protect his anonymity.

Story published 22nd March 2024.

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