Marie’s story

Marie was providing live-in support for a local elderly woman, but after her care receiver sadly passed away, there was nowhere to go.

Facing the daunting prospect of homelessness, Marie spoke to DENS and was provided short-term accommodation at The Elms hostel.

At this point, Marie was at her lowest and struggling with her mental health. She had experienced a family breakdown, including with her two daughters, and lockdown made them drift further apart.

With the support of hostel staff, Marie was able to bring some stability back into her life.

Marie spoke to her GP, who prescribed medication to treat her mental health needs. She also began one-to-one sessions with the hostel’s resident counsellor, which is something she continues to find hugely beneficial.

Marie said: “Therapy has given me the focus, confidence and self-esteem that I needed. I’m more assertive now. I used to be a pushover and now I won’t put myself in situations like that. It has given me balance.”

After three months at The Elms, Marie was ready to take her next step to a shared property through the Move On service.

During this time in new accommodation, Marie’s Key Worker has noticed big improvements in both her mental wellbeing and personal relationships. “Marie went from really struggling emotionally to being a lot stronger in herself. She now has a greater sense of direction.”

Following a successful period of tenancy in the shared property, Marie has now been offered her own social housing accommodation and will be supported by the DENS Resettlement service.

More importantly to Marie, she has been able to rebuild the fractured relationships with her daughters over the past few months – something she puts down to the positive impact of therapy sessions.

Marie is incredibly excited to attend her eldest daughter’s upcoming wedding. She has also recently welcomed another grandchild to the family and is delighted to be able to support her daughter during this time. Marie feels like she’ll be able to be a proper mum again and can’t wait to invite her daughters and grandchildren around to her new place.

Marie added: “I don’t even know if I would be here now without the support of DENS. It has been life changing, without a doubt. When I first came in, I was in a very dark place, but now I feel like I can face anything. I’m focused and determined because of what I have been through.”

DENS will continue to offer Marie support as she moves into her new property. She is also eager to get back into work and enjoy a complete return to independence.

Please note: Marie’s name and image have been changed to protect her anonymity.

Story published on 4th August 2022. 

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