Rachel’s story

Rachel first started using the Foodbank six years ago after her husband tragically took his own life, and having three young children to look after meant she could no longer work. Through her Housing Support Officer, Rachel was made aware of the Foodbank, where she turned to when her financial situation became too difficult.

When initially using the Foodbank, Rachel was apprehensive and felt she had let herself and her family down, but the Foodbank was her only option so they could eat. She said her first visit was “like the feeling of a hug. The staff took away any stigma and it felt okay to be there.”

Rachel has found the recent rising cost of living a financial challenge – enduring the constant battle between heating and eating. With three children to feed, this struggle is even harder during the school holidays, and she has reached out to the Foodbank more because of this.

Rachel and her children are delighted with the food parcels and the occasional extra treats that are sometimes inside. She said, “it’s not just baked beans and tinned stuff like people think,” with parcels containing fresh food, as well as dietary specific items if required.

Rachel’s children are now older, which has meant she is able to work more. However, with unexpected bills and the continuing rise in energy and food costs, Rachel is grateful that the Foodbank is available when she is in desperate need.

Please note: Rachel’s name and image have been changed to protect her anonymity.

Story published 25th October 2022. 

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