Aaron’s story

Aaron had been sofa surfing around friends’ houses, following a relationship breakdown that saw him homeless. Due to the immense stress of this situation, he had also lost his job.

Stepping into The Elms hostel, Aaron found himself at a turning point in his life. His motivation to get back into work as soon as possible, to improve his wellbeing and increase his income, led him to DENS’ Employment Coach.

An initial assessment helped to determine Aaron’s previous work experience and qualifications, his job goals and any barriers he faced. They agreed an action plan together, including steps he could take to improve his employment prospects and employability skills, while building his confidence and self-esteem.

With the guidance of his Employment Coach, Aaron received support with updating his CV, tailoring it for various job prospects. Improving his digital skills became a priority, enabling him to navigate job search websites and complete online applications.

Aaron’s hard work paid off when he was asked to interview for a job as a Retail Assistant – something he had always wanted to do. The Employment Coach played a pivotal role in preparing him for this, looking into potential questions he could face, as well as tips on effective body language.

The interview was a success, with Aaron securing the role on a full-time basis. Around this time was another positive change for Aaron, as he moved from The Elms hostel into his own flat through DENS’ Resettlement service.

Now settled into his new home and job, Aaron’s life has taken a big, positive turn. He loves to keep busy and finds being back in a routine has helped improve his mental health. He is also delighted to be earning money again, which allows him to live a more independent, self-sufficient lifestyle.

DENS’ Head of Social Enterprise and Employment Support said: “Aaron has worked hard to overcome the barriers he faced to getting back into work while also facing homelessness. We are so proud of the progress he has made, and pleased to see him thriving in his new home and job.”

Aaron will continue to receive in-work support from DENS up to the first six months of his employment.

Please note: Aaron’s name, image and details of his story have been changed to protect his anonymity

Story published 24th April 2024.

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