Jamie’s story

Jamie turned to The Elms hostel after a relationship breakdown with his partner and mother of his children.

After several months of support, he moved into one of DENS’ Move On properties, for clients ready to leave the hostel but still requiring regular guidance. During this time, Jamie also volunteered at a local organisation.

Jamie’s Key Worker has supported him for over 18 months. Together, they have navigated some difficult times in his life, while developing a strong rapport and a high level of trust.

Sadly, Jamie’s relationship with his ex-partner continued to deteriorate over time, and access to his children was irregular. When his children were taken into care, he went to court in an attempt to gain more contact with them.

DENS’ Key Worker helped Jamie throughout the court process, explaining all the paperwork, the language used in the courtroom and offering moral support.

Jamie had been undertaking regular therapy sessions with DENS’ in-house clinical psychotherapist, and she was able to provide a supporting statement detailing the level of counselling support available to him. The court was astounded that he could access this level of therapy so quickly and at no cost. It really helped with the case.

Following the proceedings, Jamie is now allowed regular contact with his children. The court psychotherapist’s report highlighted issues from his own childhood that he recognises the need to process, and he is continuing to work his way through these with the help of the DENS Therapy Centre.

“My Key Worker came to support me at every court date and was my rock. If she wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have been able to do it,” said Jamie.

At the beginning of this year, Jamie also made a huge leap towards independence when he moved into his own council flat.

Jamie has a disability, which creates a number of challenges. His Key Worker has supported him with numerous medical appointments and procedures. They are also working to introduce adaptations to his home to help him continue living there independently.

Reflecting on the support he has received, Jamie said, “DENS has helped me so much. I’m now all set up in my own flat and it feels like home.”

His Key Worker added, “Jamie is really positive about his whole journey with DENS and I can see such a difference in his outlook now he is in his forever home.”

Please note: Jamie’s name, image and details of his story have been changed to protect his anonymity. Photo sourced from Centre for Homelessness Impact.

Story published 5th June 2024.

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