Spencer’s Story


Spencer’s world turned upside down when he started having problems with his health. After suffering from a series of epileptic seizures, he lost his job and his home. In a short space of time, Spencer had “lost everything.” Having never thought he would become homeless, he was now facing the “dark, low and helpless” reality of sleeping on the streets with his dog, Chester.

In desperate need of help, Spencer turned to DENS – where he and Chester were given a room at the pet-friendly Elms hostel. After months of sleeping rough, Spencer now had the security of a warm bed and a roof over his head. But more importantly, he had discovered a pathway and the support to help rebuild his life.

Spencer said: “The Elms has really been a godsend for me. If it hadn’t been for The Elms, god knows what would have happened.”

With the invaluable support of his own key worker, Spencer has since moved into shared accommodation with the Move On service. Thanks to a newfound sense of independence, he has thrived – and particularly enjoys cooking for himself.

Looking ahead to the future, Spencer is hoping to have his own place and return to complete independence. He added: “I just want to be in my own place with my own key and have that true sense of independence back. The way I see it, it will be going from strength to strength. I just want to really get back into full-time employment and get my head back down into the game.”

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