Summer Appeal


My name is Michelle…

and I’ve been the Foodbank Coordinator at DENS for six years now. My role is to manage the donations coming into the Foodbank, ensuring we have enough of each type of item for everyone who needs an emergency food parcel.

You may well have seen the recent headlines from the Trussell Trust about the huge increase of people across the UK relying on Foodbanks to get them through hard times. Here at DENS, we’ve seen a 56% rise in the number of people supported compared to last financial year (2021/22 vs 2022/23), and sadly a significant number of these were children.

Many parents in our community depend on free school meals to help feed their children, and the statistics indicate that across the lengthy summer break we will see lots of families turning to our Foodbank to keep their cupboards and fridges from going empty.

It costs £20 to provide a three-day food parcel for a single person facing food poverty, and £40 for a parcel to feed a family.
Please donate today to help us meet the ever growing demand for our Foodbank.

DENS has recently launched the Financial Empowerment Programme to support people with things like budgeting skills and managing benefits. Run in partnership with other local charities, this initiative aims to help people make sustainable choices and equip them with knowledge so they are less likely to rely on our Foodbank to see them through.

We’re doing our best to provide a range of support to families facing food poverty, but we can only continue to be there for our community with your help. Please donate to ensure local people have food on the table every day.


Thank you for helping those most vulnerable in our community.


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