To commemorate DENS’ 20th anniversary as a charity, professional TV and advertising photographer, Rob Parfitt, kindly volunteered his talents to capture portraits of clients, past and present, for a special exhibition.

Journeys celebrates the diverse stories of the people DENS has supported throughout its history via a combination of three vibrant photographic techniques and inspiring, first-hand quotes.


“I’ll have a lifetime bond with DENS. There’s nothing that has been so transformative to my whole life.”

The photographer’s use of bold lighting and vivid backdrops aims to capture varying aspects of the clients’ personalities. As part of this, clients were invited to project a photograph that is significant to their journey.



“Since coming through DENS, the biggest positive is that I got sober…They didn’t just save my life, they helped me to live.”



“There have been so many turning points in my life in the last five years. Being in the DENS hostel is a big one.”



“There are people here to talk to us when we are down, because it’s a very complex journey when you are homeless.”



“I’m living my dream…I’ve grown into being the person I was always meant to be, and I love it.”



“DENS put more confidence in me to live on my own. They’ve been very supportive from the get-go.”



“I loved my time at the hostel, and now I’ve got my own place.”


Elaine & William



“I owe DENS virtually all I’ve got. It’s amazing what they’ve done for me.”



“I’ve been able to get my life back on track.”



“I have a more positive, brighter outlook on life. It’s key that DENS is here for people like me, and they continue to do an amazing job.”



“I was using a lot and hit rock bottom…Now, I am sober and clean.”



“I am now speaking to more people than I did before.”



“My hope for the future is to get my own place, so that I’ve got somewhere for me and my two little kids.”



“It’s not just about the help DENS offers. It’s also the different people you meet and the friendships you get to make.”


A message from the photographer, Rob Parfitt

“Through my lens, I wanted to capture not just images, but captivating stories of resilience, hope and humanity. It’s a real honour to commemorate the anniversary of this incredible homelessness charity, shedding light on just a small percentage of the many people they have helped throughout the past 20 years.”

Rob Parfitt has previously worked with high-profile broadcasters such as BBC, Channel 4 and Netflix.

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